Skyline Park Citizens’ Association Meeting Date : 1/9/18 7pm,

Skyline Park Social Hall, 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA 94558

Call to Order

1. Approval of November minutes as­emailed

2. TEAM REPORTS (any brief news, ~1min each):

a. President ­

  • Park reopening date set for 1/20.
  • Hikes, rides, party/lunch.
  • Gather volunteers/donations.
  • Membership signups.
  • Free park entry for first weekend?

b. VP ­

c. Treasurer

­ d. Secretary ­

e. Archers ­


­ g. Disc Golf ­ Course condition improving post­fire; still some work to do on the closed portions of the course before it's fully re­opened

h. Bikes

­ i. Horses ­

j. Hikers ­


3. New Business a. Re­establishment of Membership committee

 i. Gather more annual passholders/smooth this process

 ii. Establish pass purchase compliance protocol within the park to ease pressure on park borders while encouraging payment by park users

b. Re­establishment of Communications committee

 i. Inform users/the community of park goings ­on

 ii. “Newsletter” email blast

 iii. Social media

c. Establishment of Trails committee

 i. Comprehensive trails plan

 ii. Fundraising, volunteer management

 iii. Decreases user conflict/increases safety and enhances experience for all users


4. Old Business

a. Post­fire update

b. Benches for Colberts by lower bathrooms

c. Sign for social hall